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Black Ash Berry Basket 

With Penny

Confirmed for 2020, Schedule TBD

Weave a square to round, 6"x6" basket with an optional leather strap and in the process learn one of the oldest crafts in human history.  For thousands of years baskets served as indispensable objects in every culture. Carry on the tradition and take home a beautiful, durable and useful basket crafted from local and responsibly harvested, hand pounded black ash splints.


Materials fee: TBD


*Participants are recommended but not required to take both parts. Folks joining Part 2 will work with previously prepared spoon blanks and may have less control over the full creative process of their spoon. Folks are also welcome to join Part 2 with spoons they're already working on from home. 

Green Wood Spoon Carving

With Fern and Matt

Saturday morning and Sunday morning

Learn to carve a green wood spoon in the Scandinavian style! In this comprehensive, two-part workshop, you'll learn essential techniques for crafting a functional and beautiful spoon from a green wood log. We'll create space for you to explore your own design ideas with safe and effective technique, and help troubleshoot the questions and challenges that can arise in working with green wood. Participants will leave with 1 or more spoons ready for finishing and all the essential skills necessary to go out and carve more! 


Part 1: In Part 1, we'll work through choosing your wood, splitting blanks, working with the grain, properties of green wood, safe ax carving technique, and basic spoon design.


Part 2: In Part 2, we'll dive deeper into spoon design and practice safe carving techniques with a sloyd knife and hook knife. As we chip away together, we'll troubleshoot finicky design details and discuss techniques for finishing your spoon at home. 

Materials Fee: $10 - one or both sessions.


Burl Bowl Carving

With Luke

Saturday afternoon

Carve a one of a kind bowl from a soft wood branch harvested spruce burl using various gouges and hook knives. 

Materials Fee: $10


Cedar Bark Hat

With Nolwenn

Saturday morning and afternoon

Learn to weave your own hat from the inner bark of eastern white cedar. Note that this class takes the two blocks.

Materials Fee: $35


Shrink Pots

With Lucian

Confirmed for 2020, Schedule TBD

This is a very old method of making containers. The center is carved out of a green piece of wood,  making a tube. Then a groove is made around the inside, near the  bottom and a dry bottom board is carved to fit loosely in the groove. When the green wood dries and shrinks you have a container that can be used for storing dry goods. We will carve pots out of some local wood. All materials and tools will be provided but if you have a carving knife or spoon knife you like, bring them.


Material fee $10


Whisk Brooms

With Mary

Saturday morning

Throughout history, folks of different cultures have crafted brooms from natural materials. In this whisk broom workshop, we’ll dip into the basics of broommaking, drawing on traditional Shaker techniques.  We’ll cover knots, materials and tools specific to the craft, while tying your own pair of whisks - a plaited handle whisk broom, and the curvaceous turkey wing.

Materials Fee: $40


Knife Handles

With Lucian

Confirmed for 2020, Schedule TBD

In this workshop we will burn wood handles onto blades and shape them to fit your hand. A choice of local hardwoods will be available. You can bring your own blade (must have a rat-tail tang) or there will be blades available to buy. All tools will be provided but if you have a whittling knife or rasp you like, bring it.


Material Fee: $10

A variety of hand forged blades will be available for $30 each. Some will be for general use and some will have a Scandinavian grind for whittling.


Wet Felted Pouches

With Prin

Sunday morning

Wet Felting is craft with wild and varied cultural roots from traditions around the world. It is simple to learn but the possibilities of what you can do with it are endless. It is method employed in everything from making slippers and hats to the felt homes of Central Asia.


We’ll make our pouches using a resist method of felting that is applicable to all kinds of projects (hats, bags, etc.). And we’ll talk about other felting methods and traditions of the craft work while we work.

Materials Fee: $10


Buckskin Pouch

with Luke

Sunday morning

Make a pouch from a braintanned deerskin. Learn various sewing techniques with this wonderful natural material.

Materials Fee: TBA


Papercut Shadowbox Lanterns

with Erok

Sunday morning

From around the planet there are many traditions of paper cutting crafts as well as shadow puppets. In this workshop we'll learn techniques for making simple paper cut designs out of recycled paper, birchbark and other materials and combining them with the element of fire (a votive candle) to create magnificent shadowbox lanterns.  Knives and cutting mats provided and can be purchased to take home. 

Materials Fee: $5



with Prin

Saturday morning

Most of our textiles begin with spinning yarn, and for most of our history we humans spun yarn on hand spindles.  It's a fundamental skill.  And the emphasis is on "fun".  In this workshops we'll cover the basics and go a bit beyond.  We'll be spinning wool on drop spindles and each student will get to take their spindle and some wool home with them to keep practicing. Come learn to make your own yarn for your next project.

Materials Fee: $20


Coptic Book Binding

with Nancy

Saturday afternoon

In Coptic Bookbinding, participants will learn the whole process- from start to finish- to create a unique handmade book.  We will select beautiful handmade papers for the hardbound covers, and sew the exposed-spine binding using a traditional paired needle Coptic technique.  This form of Coptic binding creates a lovely chain stitch at every sewing station and results in a structurally strong book with high-quality mixed-media pages for writing, drawing, doodling, or whatever your heart desires!   This promises to be a full-immersion experience in book-binding; participants will leave with a handmade blank book and a wealth of knowledge.

Materials Fee $18


Hoops and Singing

Hoops and singing

with Erok and Heidi

Saturday morning


Kid Games

Kid games

with Yard

Saturday afternoon

Play fun games.


Woodland Toys

Woodland Toys

with Yard

Sunday morning

Make toys from nature.